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A  masterclass of 7 lessons to improve your understanding of the real-time composition process behind a walking bass line and bass solo.

In this masterclass you will understand my personal approach to bass lines and solos. Although the walking bass line is a comping element of jazz music, it is also a complex improvisation that embraces harmony, rhythm and fine melodic lines. In this course you will learn how to avoid playing the same lines repeatedly and how to be more creative in your bass playing. Suitable for all skill levels.

Gianluca Renzi

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Are you ready for another point of view? 

This masterclass is based on the essence of Jazz: improvisation. Improvisation is the process of composing in real time melodic architectures that have to meet certain requirements in terms of note placements. In addition to that, these melodies need to be beautiful and creative! It is a complex task that cannot be relegated to instrument technique alone. On the contrary, you don't need much technique to approach this concept accurately. Studying and understanding this process in full takes a lifetime, although it takes only a few minutes to change your point of view about it and to put you on the right path for improvement.  

This masterclass in 7 lessons will give you a different point of view and a useful new approach to your bass lines and solos.


1. Approaching a new song through rhythm and feel
2. Form, sections, chord progressions
3. Less is more and more accurate
4. How to be creative and harmonically coherent
5. What is a scale and how we should use it
6. Altered and non altered tensions
7. First steps on odd meters


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